Jaya’s Pop Culture Minute (PCM)*


**Your monthly dose of pop culture commentary from Black Future Feminist Intern Jaya Lauren**


Why is The Suicide Squad (2021) Better Than Suicide Squad (2016)


Let’s Talk About Invincible!!


Let’s Talk About the Marvel Fandom


One Night in Miami [2021] (Film Review)


Iron Man and It’s Impact on Pop Culture

*Jaya’s Pop Culture Minute (PCM) is all about giving people pop culture analysis and discussion in short posts. From Marvel comics, Anime, Movies, and Tv Shows, Jaya deliver’s her thoughts and ideas on what she would like to see more of, what writers can do to improve their outreach to different demographics and more! Jaya herself is a sophomore, (soon to be junior), in high school who loves talking about all things pop culture and she hopes you come back to read more.