Web Series: Conversations with Beloved & Kindred

2020 has definitely been one for the books and year we will never forget. Its mark has been permanently imprinted on our souls. But, even in the midst of the roller coaster ride that is 2020, there have been moments of joy and excitement.

One particular moment of joy happened in August, the premiere of the HBO Max tv series Lovecraft Country. After each episode, I found myself talking and bonding over our excitement with one of my friends and colleague Kaniqua Robinson. We would Facetime or Zoom call each other and debrief what we just witnessed. Through our informal discussions, Kaniqua and I were bringing our perspectives and understandings of what we were seeing. For us it was not an academic endeavor, it was two friends coming together and talking about an amazing show. Watching Lovecraft Country, became a fun and healing practice. As we dealt with the everyday struggles of racism and COVID, etc. This was an opportunity to turn our energy towards something that was entertaining and useful. So, we decided to share our thoughts with you.

(l-r Dr. Kaniqua Robinson & Dr. Grace D. Gipson)

As a result, we quickly reached out to Auburn Avenue Research Library to see how we could bring the vision to a reality and share with the masses. With both of us having a longstanding connection and relationship with Auburn Avenue as well as to the city of Atlanta, we knew that collaborating with them was a no-brainer!! And just like that….Conversations with Beloved and Kindred was birthed!!

Conversations with Beloved & Kindred  is a web series in collaboration with the Program & Outreach Division at Auburn Avenue Research Library (Atlanta, GA) hosted by two Black feminist creatives Dr. Grace D. Gipson (Virginia Commonwealth University) and Dr. Kaniqua Robinson (Furman University ).

Through each episode, we talk about creative works (i.e. literature, film, television, and art) that are grounded in the Black experience. Following in the footsteps of two legendary women Toni Morrison and Octavia Butler, Gipson and Robinson seek to fill in the gaps of Black history by reimagining a supernatural Black past and present, while giving voice to the silenced narratives.

Conversations with Beloved & Kindred-Season 2 begins on February 10th, 2022!!

2022 Conversations Line-up

July 2022

  • Special Episode-TBA

June 2022

May 2022

April 2022

March 2022

February 2022

2021 Conversations Line-up

January 2021

February 2021

March 2021

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July 2021

Illustration by Zharia Shinn

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