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Dr. G featured in “VCU News” discussing inclusive teaching and learning practices

Nothing like opening your email after coming back from an international trip and seeing yourself featured in your universities newsletter.

Upon my return from Belgium, what do I see in my inbox a feature where I contributed my thoughts as part of the Leaders for Inclusive Learning (LIL) program that I participated in during 2021-2022.

Here are a few excerpts where I discuss the importance of one-on-one student engagement and alternative methods of evaluating student learning:

“Not all students are open to engaging in the classroom. It can be intimidating . One-on-one conversations allow professors to get to know their students in a way that can be more comfortable than a large classroom…”

“There are other ways to evaluate student learning, and the LIL program got me to broaden my thinking. I have a lot more fun formulating the syllabus now…”

I also speak to a specific change that I made when updating my syllabi, regarding office hours/check-in sessions.

“I used this time to check in and learn about a student without them feeling worried or having the conversation just focused on grades…we often talked about something outside of the class, and many of the students were free and open.”

I really enjoyed my experience with LIL! I was not only able to gain new knowledge and resources, but I was also able to gain a new network of colleagues on the VCU campus that may not have happened otherwise. The fact that this program began during the pandemic, really speaks to the access afforded to faculty as well as the specific attention given towards transforming the classroom.

To read more of about the LIL program, my thoughts along with my fellow LIL cohort members see here!!