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A Professor’s Thoughts…

What better way to start 2021 than by finally launching my website!! Launching Black Future Feminist has been a long overdue endeavor. Ever since I finished my PhD in 2019, I knew I wanted (and needed) to have a website. With each passing day, I realized the importance of tracking one’s journey personally and professionally. Black Future Feminist as a website creates a space that will allow me to share with the masses my inner thoughts, important ideas, significant moments, creative tools, expressions of joy, and hopefully make some sort of impact!

So you ask what is a “Black Future Feminist”? As a Black woman who identifies as a Black feminist and an Afrofuturist, I was always trying to figure out a singular way to blend these two frameworks/ways of thinking together. The work that I do within my research, my teaching, and my personal life is always centered around Blackness, gender, and the future. Plus, it is essential that I remind myself as well as others that “there are Black people in the future.” So when it was all said and done I came up with this definition, a Black Future Feminist is someone “who is actively working and living for the future, always seeking to give voice to ALL Black women’s experiences, and is always fighting against the struggles of racism, sexism, ageism, ableism, classism, all every other -isms.” Through this naming and defining, I aim to reflect those words into action via this site and beyond!!

Let me tell you I am thrilled and excited to share this part of me! Whether it’s getting the latest on what book I’m reading, television show I’m tuned into, movie I recommend, or public lecture that I’m giving, I just hope you enjoy the ride!!

~Dr. G

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