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Save The Date!! March 17th…”Pass My Crown: The Woman’s Voice in Hip Hop-Past, Present & Future!!” Event

So to jump start Women’s History Month, I wanted to share an event that I will be participating in on March 17th!! Pass My Crown: The Woman’s Voice in Hip Hop-Past, Present & Future!!

This event will be an open discussion/dialogue about women in Hip Hop currently as well as historically. A few of the topics that will be explored include: the subject matter of lyrics, dress, feminism/womanism, culture appropriation (the Black woman aesthetic), the overt and covert misogyny, activism, what’s next for women in Hip Hop, and how a multitude of women’s voices need to be heard.  

It’s gonna be a HOT one!! Check out the details below:

March 17th, 2023 (Doors Open at 6:15 pm)

Virginia Commonwealth University- Academic Commons 1107

1000 Floyd Avenue, Richmond, VA 23284

If you are in the Richmond area you do not want to miss this event!!

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New Social Media Project Alert!!

Launched on November 17th, 2022 myself and a few VCU student-staff members student staff members Sanaa Banks, Raiat Haque, and Asia Heath launched a new virtual project, “Black Girl Magic in Media”!

With the release of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, the anticipated FX series Kindred, the emergence on online Black & Brown shopping directory (Harlem Fashion Row) created by a Black woman Brandice Daniel , and so much more Black Girl Magic is in full effect…I would even say overload!!

Black Girl Magic in Media is a “curated site that shows the vast, creative representations of Black girls and women in media.” This project was launched in response to the many reactions after “The Little Mermaid” trailer dropped. While there were numerous reactions of excitement and joy, sadly (but not surprisingly) there were quite a few visceral reactions. Thus, the light bulb went off and I wanted to make sure I played a part in changing the narrative of how Black girls and women in the media are truly magic!!

Through out the week this space will provide an array of features including: spoiler-free television and film reviews, “Black Girl Magic” Highlights, monthly staff picks, recommended book, television, and film lists!!

So if you want to hop on the ride, check us out on Instagram at @blackgirlmagicinmedia !! And if you would like to contribute your thoughts on Black Girl Magic, please feel free to share here! You never know we might feature you :-)!

~Dr. G

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Statement on the Buffalo Massacre from VCU Department of African American Studies

In a show of solidarity and support, I wanted to make sure I shared this statement from my department chair regarding the most recent events in Buffalo, NY…

The Department of African American Studies at Virginia Commonwealth University is founded on the will and self-determination of the Black community. Our principles reflect a commitment to justice everywhere, to the liberation of people of African descent and to fostering the unabating excellence evident in Black communities across this nation and around the globe. 

The VCU Department of African American Studies thus denounces all forms of terror and violence against Black bodies and Black communities. We stand in solidarity with the collective efforts of our local community and nationwide grassroots movements that continue the fight against acts of domestic terrorism fueled by white supremacy that now includes attacks on 13 people — citizens of our broader community — that occurred in Buffalo, New York on May 14, 2022. We stand in solidarity with the families and loved ones of  three victims who were injured and the 10 victims whose lives were taken in this act of anti-Black violence and hate.  We stand in solidarity with the far too many other Black people who have been slain since the inception of this country. 

The humanity of all Black people and the dignity of life itself must be held as a paragon and a universal fact. We are united in lifting our voices, using our power and leveraging our privilege to eradicate racial inequity in this country. We call on our colleagues, students, and allies across the nation to stand courageously with us.  To all of those who have already made public statements, we thank you. 

We demand justice for the victims of the Buffalo massacre, their loved ones, and their community.

We demand justice in the name of our ancestors who have been here before.

#Black Lives Matters

Yours in solidarity,

Dr. Mignonne Guy

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